Custom designs

We love to fulfill the ideas of our brides and design custom pieces.

There are two options of custom designs.
1. Changing current design in our collection according to your wishes. It may include changes of accents such as pearls, crystals, lace or other, also the color or the size of the piece. It also includes a combination of 2-3 designs in our collection.
2. A new design piece inspired by your wedding style, matching your dress, other accessories or wedding theme.

Florentes Custom Designs Accessories

Usually, the process of customization starts from little conversation by e-mail discussing the main details and deciding how to go further. If needed, we are preparing the sketch before ordering. After all the details are discussed, you'll get an invoice to to confirm the order and make the payment so we can start making process.

All customized pieces will be confirmed by photos before shipping. Usually it takes 2-3 weeks to complete a customized piece after all the details will be discussed and payment received.

Extra charge for custom orders depends on how much time and additional costs customization is requiring. You will be given an exact price quote after design details will be discussed. 

Simple changes such as using a crystal instead of pearl (visa versa), using a clip instead of a comb are not considered as additional cost and we are always happy to accommodate. A colour change is considered as additional cost and will be charged 4 Eur additionally.

If you wish to have a piece designed for you, please contact by e-mail florentes@florentes.lt or use a contact form on the right side.

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